Oneshot #2: Jurassic Park.

How Jon and Aaron narrate the film while watching it with Charlie.

Jon: This mighty beast is called a Brontosaurus, Charlie. Don’t mistake it with a Diplodocus, they both have long necks but Brontosaurus’ forelegs are taller.

– Look, a Stegosaurus. Do you know their plates absorb heats from the sun so they won’t get cold at night?

Charlie: I know this one, it’s a T-Rex.

Jon: Good boy, Charlie. Tyrannosaurus Rex is one powerful predator. But the Velociraptors are more deadly and organized. They even have their own hunting strategy.


Aaron: Look, son, a rhino dinosaur.


Oneshot #1: Sorry not sorry.

Aaron: Babeeeeeeee, have you seen my autograph book anywhere?

Jon: Oh, that? I think I might have let Charlie bring it to school with him because he wouldn’t stop crying.

Aaron: YOU DID WHAT???

Jon: Relax, honey. It’s just a notebook filled with handwritings from random people. You can get another one easily.

Aaron: But… but…

Jon: Now, now, it’s not worth making a fuss over this. I promise I’ll make up for it, okay?

Aaron: Yeah, I guess you’re right…

Jon: Good. Now, have you seen my Harry Potter book anywhere? The limited edition one? I swear I left it on my desk but I couldn’t find it.

Aaron: Oh, that? I actidentally ripped it so I traded it in for…


Aaron: Relax, babe, it’s just a bo…



Heroverse AU oneshot #5: The first time we met.

Aaron was dusting the bookshelves in Jon’s study.

Usually, it was their maid, Nancy, who did allthe clean-up around the house. But today she called and took a sick leave earlier. So, Aaron decided to do the chores himself instead of bothering to call someone else. He didn’t have to attend any training session today anyway; the coach had given the team a week off after a restless season and Aaron had got plenty of free time in his hand. Jon had insisted calling the agency to request for a substitution so Aaron could rest but he just refused. He reassured Jon that he wanted to do it, that Jon shouldn’t worry too much and just go to work. He was finally convinced, but didn’t stop showing his concerns when he left.

Aaron had bought the groceries, done the laundry and vaccuumed the living room. It was a bit tiring at first, but he shortly got used to it. The last thing on the checklist was tidying Jon’s study. Fortunately, Jon always kept his workplace in order so there was not much to do, ‘except for the bookshelves that needs dusting regularly’, Nancy wrote in her notes. Jon was such a huge nerd and owned a great deal of books. His collection must have around 300 books, or even more. They were mainly science books since he was really keen on the subject. Aaron liked reading, too; but not as much a bookworm as Jon. He only kept a few copies of his favourite titles in their bedroom. Most of them were crime fictions or baseball players’ autobiographies.

Once he had finished cleaning the bookshelves, Aaron decided to tidy Jon’s desk. He put the scattering paperclips back in the drawer and placed the pens in their holder. While he was collecting the documents, something familiar caught his eyes.

Aaron immediately set the paper aside and found an old book beneath them. The cover read ‘Quantum Terror’, by Steven Queens. Ah, he remembered this book very well; it was both his and Jon’s favourite title. Obviously since it was probably the only book that revolved around a super criminal who manipulated science to get away with his crimes. 

But there was more than that. The story behind the book happened three years ago, when Aaron was still a new recruit at Kreaton Eagles and Jon had just founded his first enterprise.

It was a rainy Tuesday evening, Aaron was on his way to the same usual bookstore after his training session. He whistled delightfully, knowing that ‘Quantum Terror’ had finally been published after a 2-year delay. He had always been such a huge fan of Steven Queens: his writings were so exceptionally good that Aaron barely skipped any of his books, and ‘Quantum Terror’ would be no exception. 

He finally stopped at an old store at the street corner. Aaron pushed the door and the heard the familiar bell. He got in the bookshop and hung the coat on the hanger as beads of rain drops rolled down his face. Aaron dried himself for a while before walking over to the counter.

“Oh, hey, Aaron!”, the cashier girl greeted.

“Good evening, Sam.”, he said, “Did you watch the game last week?”

“You bet I do! Grayson’s homerun was spectacular! You were very good as well.”, she commented.

“Glad you enjoyed it. Oh, here’s Jake Kingston’s autograph. For you.”, he pulled out a signed photo and handed it to her. 

“No. Fucking. Way!!!”, she howled, “I thought you were joking when you said you could get me his autograph!!!”

“Well, long story. Anyway, did you save me a copy of Steven’s new book that I’ve asked you to?”

“Oh, of course I did. Boy, the books sold like hot pies just right after I loaded them on the shelves. Fortunately I managed to sneak one under my coat.”

“Great! Where are you keeping it right now? I’m dying to know whether the killer survived the plane crash.”, Aaron inquired.

“Let’s see, in the cookbook section, shelf number three. I tucked it under the ‘How to master Irish dishes’. Gotta keep it away from greedy customers and Mr. Louis.”, she laughed.

“That old man. Ugh, I can’t never compromise with him.”, he shook his head. “Anyway, thank you so much, Sam, imma go fetch it right now.” 

“Just returning my favour. No big deal.”, she replied.

Aaron happily strolled to the cookbook shelves and tapped his index finger on the boring titles. Ah, here it was! The Irish recipe book, just like Sam had described. He picked it up and put it aside. Beneath it was a book wrapped in brown jacket cover, with a title that said ‘Quantum Terror’ printed on it. After two long years, he was finally holding this very book in his hands.

Aaron wanted to go back to his apartment immediately, where he would indulge himself with a hot, warm cup of coffee while enjoying the book. So, he decided it was about time to pay and leave. When he got back to the counter, he noticed that Sam was busy talking to a customer, a guy in a black suit who seemed to be a businessman. They must be arguing about something serious because their voices were quite loud. Aaron couldn’t help but overheard their conversation.

“What do you mean they’re out of stock? The book has just got released today!”, the guy exclaimed.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir.”, Sam insisted, “Our store only managed to get a limited number of copies. Perhaps if you come back in 8 days, we could…”

“8 DAYS? Are you serious? I’ve waited for 2 years and you’re telling me this is how I end up with???”, he went on furiously.

Alright, Aaron knew he had to do something to help Sam get out of this heated conversation. So, he came over to them and tapped on the guy’s shoulder.

When he turned around, Aaron was completely struck. In front of him was a strikingly attractive man with black, sleeky hair and sharp eyes. He seemed rather disturbed because god-knows-why.

“Yes? How can I help you?”, he questioned, with a puzzling look.

“Uh,… Right, um, is there a problem here? I, uh, noticed that you might be in a troubling situation. So I thought… Is… there anything I could do to help?”, Aaron gulped, he could almost felt himself blushing.

The guy shook his head. “Nah, I don’t think so. Well, you see, this BRILLIANT bookstore thought it would be a terrific idea to miscalculate the number of books they need to get. Now they’re trying to tell me that there’s none left and that they wouldn’t restock in 8 business days.”, he glared at Sam. She looked at Aaron, begging for help.

“Um, it doesn’t happen to be ‘Quantum Terror’, does it?”, Aaron nervously asked.

“I’d love to say it’s not.”, the guy sighed, “But it is. I’ve gone to every bookstore in this city and come back with nothing. Can you believe it?”

Oh boy, here we go. Aaron breathed in deeply; he just hated what he was about to do. 

Sam just stared at him. “What are you doing?”, her eyes said.

He scratched his head. “Well, um, if you don’t mind. I, uh,…”, he took out ‘Quantum Terror’ and presented it to the stranger.

The guy’s eyes widened; he looked at the book, then Aaron. He immediately understood and pushed it back to Aaron.

“No, I can’t do this. Not a chance. I can’t just take it from you.”, he demanded.

“Yes, you can. And you will.”, Aaron smiled. “Besides,” he continued, “I wouldn’t have time to read it; I have to attend a lot of training sessions. So, why don’t you do me a favour and take it?”

The stranger gaped. He reluctantly took the book from Aaron with his trembling hands. It was hard to tell how he felt from his blank expression. But his eyes, Aaron swore, were sparkled with immense joy.

Suddenly, he pulled out a cheque book from his pocket. “How much do you want for it?”, he asked Aaron.

“Ah, no, no. Just take it. I just want to be helpful. It doesn’t matter.”, Aaron insisted. He could see Sam’s mouth dropped to the floor.

The guy didn’t give up. He offered 50 bucks, then 100, then 500,… but Aaron just plainly refused. He finally gave up and reluctantly agreed to take the book from Aaron.

“You have no idea how grateful I am right now.”, he declared. “I know it’s not enough, but thank you, thank you so much. Mr. …?”

“Reeds. Aaron Reeds. Call me Aaron.”

“Right. Aaron.”, he reached in his pocket and flashed a name card. “Whatever favour you need from me, just call this number and say your name. I’d be more than happy to return it. Now, I am sorry for being unecessarily rude, but I have to leave for a meeting.”

Aaron took the card and shook his hand. But before he could say anything, the guy then hurriedly got to the door. He turned around once more said:

“Hope our paths crossed again soon, Aaron. I really look forward to it.”. Then he walked out, got in his car and drove away.

“I could NOT believe what you just did.”, Sam raged. “Are you aware that you have just given away your favourite book to a complete stranger, for what? Oh, that’s right. NOTHING!!!”

“Jeez, Sam, relax.”, Aaron tried to calm her, “A thank you would be nice. I did a good thing and I’m good with it, alright?”

Sam suddenly stopped and narrowed her eyes. “No way. No fucking way. Please don’t tell me that you’re hooked on this douche.”

Shit, he got caught. 

“Noooo, no. Of course not.”, he denied. “I just did it out of my good will, okay? End of story.”

A faint smirk crept to Sam’s face. “I don’t believe you, Aaron. Just look at you. Don’t you even think I didn’t notice how you were drooling over his charming face.” Then, she bursted into laughter. 

Aaron sighed. Fine, just believed what you wanted to, Sam. Say, he still didn’t know the guy’s name. Curiously, he read the card in his palm.





Jon Darren, huh? That name sounded quite familiar, Aaron knew he had heard it somewhere. “Hey Sam,”, he called over, “Got any idea who this ‘Jonathan Darren’ might be?”

“Wait,”, Sam flinched, “you really don’t know who he is??? Dude, that’s the rising chairman of Technoblaze you’ve just talked to. Don’t you watch the news lately?”

“No, I… haven’t.”, Aaron inspected the card closely. He thought it was just a regular businessman, not the owner of the most valuable enterprise in Kreaton city.

“Well, famous or not,”, Sam commented, “he’s still a douche. Don’t you agree?”

“Well,… yeah. Oh dear, look at the time. I need to go now. Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?”, Aaron said while checking his watch.

“Sure. Hope to see you on the field tomorrow. Good luck.”

“Thanks, I’ll need that. Have a nice evening.”


Heroverse AU oneshot #5: Dads.

“No, don’t touch that.”

“Hey, put them down. Those are my files!!!”

The kid ran around the room, fiddled with anything in his reach. Jon just sighed; he held the boy back and sat him on the floor. Then, he put some pens and paper onto his lap.

“Charlie, hey. Little buddy, can you do me a favour?”, he asked.

“Yes, sir. I like helping people.”, the kid smiled broadly.

“Very well. I need to fly to China tomorrow. That’s why I need you to draw me a really big plane. Can you do that for me?”

Charlie’s eyes sparkled. “You bet, Mister. You came to the right person.”, he proudly declared, and grabbed the pen to proceed doodling.

Good, that would keep him busy for a while, Jon thought. He stood watching the kid quietly.

The boy resembled Aaron in so many ways: his brown hair, his dreamy blue eyes, even his innocent smile. Anyone could just look at him and tell that was definitely Aaron’s son.

If only he was Jon’s as well.

It was not everyday that your superstar boyfriend suddenly took home a child he’d never heard of. “I’ll explain later, I promise.”, as he said earlier before flying to New York to play against the Mets. 

Jon thought he had known everything about Aaron. He was a baseball star, the face of the press, the so-called hero of Kreaton City. Like every other young celebs, he had a wild past. 

And an unwanted kid.

No, he needed to wait for Aaron’s explanation. Jon knew it would be unfair to make such immediate assumptions. Instead, he needed to concentrate on the annual total output reports that need his inspection.

He sat down and began looking through the figures. It wasn’t too long before he started hearing noises again. 

Jon looked up. The kid was peeking his head over the desk.

“Yes, Charlie?”, Jon inquired with trivial annoyance.

“I need to know, Mr. Darren.”, the boy spoke up. “Will daddy go with you? I might need to add more seats.”

“Yes, Charlie. He will.”, Jon bluntly responsed.

“Can I go with you then?”

“No. I can’t let you skip classes.”

“What are you looking at, Mr. Darren?”

“Important stuff, kid.”, Jon said, not breaking away from reading the paper. Though his eyes had been twitching in great frustrating.

“Cool. Daddy says you’re very good at what you do. But mommy didn’t tell me much. I don’t think she likes you.”, Charlie said, with little hesitance. “But don’t worry, sir. I like you. You have a big house and…”

“Okay, that’s it.”, Jon dropped the paper. He threw his head back and pinched his forehead. 

“You hungry, kid?”, he asked.

“Starving, sir.”, Charlie exclaimed.

“Good. Follow me.”, Jon said as he made his way to the kitchen. The boy skipped after him while joyfully humming Adventure Time’s opening theme song.

Jon put on his apron and asked: “So, what would you like to eat, kid?”

“Ooh, ooh, can we have cereal?”, said Charlie, all being to excited.

‘Seriously, kid. I’m a top class cook and all you ask for is cereal.’, Jon thought sarcastically. “Nope. We are not having cereal for dinner, kid.”, he rejected. If Jon was going to feed the boy, then he would feed him properly. “Say, would you like some beef lasagna?”

“I don’t know what that is. But it sounds tasty, Mr. Darren.”, Charlie replied.

“Coming right up.”, Jon announced. 

‘Ding’. The oven chimed. Jon had finally finished baking his lasagna. He took out two plates and scooped the food into two servings. Jon then brought the plates over to set it in front of the boy. Charlie took a deep breath and immediately began gobbling down the food.

“Whoa, take it easy, buddy.”, Jon was surprised by his eagerness. 

“I’m forry, Mimster Darfen.”, said Charlie, with a mouthful of food. “Thif izf the tasftiest dish I’fe ever haf.”

Jon chuckled. It’d been a long time since someone last commented his cooking. A faint joy emerged inside him as he watched Charlie enjoy his meal. Was this how it felt like having kids?

“You’d never had lasagna before?”, he asked.

“Nope, sir.”, replied Charlie, not parting away from the dish. “Mom didn’t cook much. She went out a lot.”, he added.

Jon raised his brow amusingly. “Tell me more about your mother, Charlie.”, he suggested.

Charlie paused. “Well,”, he stopped eating and wiped his mouth with his palm, “there’s not much to tell, Mr. Darren. She comes home very late; often after when I’d finished watching Adventure Time on TV. She would check my homework and tuck me in. Then, in the morning, she would drop me of at school and give me money for lunch. Mom can’t pick me up after school though, so I have to walk home everyday and make my own dinner. I often have sandwiches. I can make really good tuna sandwiches. I can make some for you if you like… But the point is, I know she’s crazy-busy, Mr. Darren. And that’s okay, I still love her. But…”, he paused and frowned.

“But what, kid?”, Jon gave him a puzzling look.

“Ah, nothing, Mr. Darren.”, Charlie snapped from his thoughts. “Say, aren’t you going to eat?”, he pointed at Jon’s plate.

“Oh, yeah. I’m not really hungry.”, he pushed the dish towards Charlie. “You can have it.”

The boy smile brightly. “Gee, thank you.”, he said, and proceeded to consume his second serving. 

“Oh, and,”, Jon noted, “you can watch TV when you’re done eating. Don’t be too loud, and don’t stay up late, okay? I want to see you in bed at 9.”

“But I want to wait for daddy.”, Charlie protested. “He promised to bring me a baseball from the game!”

“No buts, young man. Got it?”, Jon stressed and gave the child a stern look.

Charlie pouted in disappointment, but agreed anyway. Pleased, Jon went back to his study to finish up the work.
Aaron had never thought about having kids before.

At least, not until now.

When Rachel broke the news to him, he just didn’t know how to react.

Shock? Fear? A combination of both? Perhaps so. For the past 2 weeks, he had been trying his best to conceal this secret from everyone, including Jon. 

Charlie was such a sweet child. The sweetest, if he had to say. When Aaron first met him, he just knew that DNA tests wouldn’t be necessary. 

Rachel… didn’t change much. She was still that same girl that he’d met in a senior party 4 years ago. 

The only difference was that the girl he knew didn’t have terminal cancer. 

When Rachel called him last night, she was nothing near conscious. Fortunately, he managed to take her to the best hospital in the city. Doctors told him that they were trying everything they could and did not promise anything. The only thing he could do right now was praying for the best.

When Aaron came back to the waiting room, Charlie was still sitting there patiently. But on the sight of Aaron, he immediately ran over to him and wrapped his tiny arms around Aaron’s neck. 

“Hey, how’s my little champ doin’?”, he patted on Charlie’s back to comfort him.

“I miss you, daddy.”, the kid buried his face in Aaron’s broad shoulder. “Will mommy be okay? Can I see her now.”, he asked.

“She will, Charlie. She will.”, Aaron lied. He just couldn’t break this horrible news to his son. “But the doctor said we should let her rest. I’ll take you to see her when she wakes up, okay?”

“Okay, dad.”

“Good boy. Now I need you to come with me, alright? I want you to meet someone.”
This was a bad idea. Aaron knew it from deep down. Why did he even wanted to introduce Charlie to Jon?

Oh, that’s right. He could not find anyone else trustworthy enough to look after Charlie while he went to New York for the match against the Mets. And he could not bring Charlie with him neither. Everyone would ask upon seeing Charlie with him: the coach, his teammates, the press, even the fans.

Of course, he could just simply lied. Telling everyone that Charlie was a nephew from a distant cousin that he had to look after. But he couldn’t bear doing such a thing in front of his son. Not ever. 

The only option he had was leaving him with Jon.


Heroverse AU oneshot #3: The big game, part 2

The boys couldn’t get a hold of themselves, even in the shower. It was incredible that they had actually won. Suddenly, Jim proposed:

– You guys know what? Party’s at my house tonight, y’all invited!

Everyone howled. What else could beat a party after a victorious game? And so, they were all excited about it.

Except for Aaron. Don’t get him wrong. He loved partying, but he also wanted to be with Jon. After all, Jon had canceled all of his meetings just to attend the game and Aaron wanted to make up for that.

“Hey, Aaron, you’re coming? You could bring Jonny if you want to.”, asked Jim.

“I don’t think I should.”, replied Aaron, “You know Jon, he doesn’t like crowded places. Plus, paparazzis could see us together while we’re there.”

“Oh, c’mon. You have to come!”, Haru added, “I’m sure Jon wouldn’t mind, would he?”

Aaron hesitated. “I don’t know, guys. Let me give him a call first.”, he suggested. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed Jon.

“Hey, babe.”, Jon picked up.

“Hey, are you home yet?”

“Nah, I am waiting for you with driver Smith right now. We’re parking near the side entrance.”

“Yeah. Hey, um, listen. Jim’s having a party at his place tonight, so I wonder if you want to come. No, never mind, I’ll be out in…”

“You can go, babe.”, Jon interrupted, “I have paperworks to deal with anyway.”

Aaron was surprised: “Jon? Are you sure? You’re okay with it?”

“Of course, you can join me later. Have fun, babe.”

“Thank you thank you thank you!!!”, Aaron crowed. “I’ll be home soon. Say, around 10-ish. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”, Jon hanged up.

Aaron was delighted. “Let’s go, boys”, he announced.

Aaron got Haru to drop him at his place. He drunkenly dragged himself towards the elevator, got in and pressed the button. It was eleven o’clock at the moment.

“Ding!”, the elevator door slided open.

Aaron sloppily strolled to their luxurious penthouse and inserted the card key. He wondered if Jon was mad at him.

“Jon? I’m homeeeeee.”, he yelled.

No answers.

That was weird. “Jon, where are you?”. God, his throat was burning like hell, Aaron got to the kitchen and poured himself a full cup of water.

He looked around. Where the hell could Jon be?

“JONNNNN!!!”, he screamed.

Okay, it was either Jon really got mad at him, or he had gone out somewhere. Aaron looked in the living room and the shower: Jon was nowhere to be found. Hold on, he did mentioned paperworks earlier, so there was only one place he could be.

Aaron stumbled upon the study. He carefully opened the door and looked inside. There he was, holding a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

“Hey… thought you went out… I called but nobody answered.”, Aaron spoke up.

“Yes, I heard.”, Jon replied coolly, not looking away from the book.

Shit, he got mad. Aaron scratched the back of his head, he knew he shouldn’t have stayed for another drink.

Jon turned his swivel chair around and gave Aaron a serious look. He closed the book and took a sip of wine before standing up:

– I’ve finished my work. Now, if you excuse me, I’d like to call it a day and have a good sleep. Nancy went home early, so you might want to order pizzas.

Aaron was overwhelmed with guilt. Just when Jon was on the verge of passing him, he quickly grabbed Jon by the hand. But Jon firmly unhooked it and made his way towards the bedroom.

“Jonnnnn! Jonny, I’m so sorryyy.”, Aaron pleaded as he followed Jon, “Please don’t do this to me. You know how much I wanted to spend the night with you.” At this point, he had caught up with him and pulled at him like a child clinging to his mother. “I will… I will do anything. Just please don’t get mad at me. Please…”

Out of a sudden, Aaron could felt that Jon’s body was trembling. It was like… he was trying not to burst into laughter?

“Oh my god, babe.”, Jon finally laughed, “You are so adorable when you beg me like this.”


“Wait,” Aaron inquired, “you’re not mad at me?”

“Oh, I was just messing with you.”, Jon scoffed, “Well, I was a bit mad at first, but your overloading cuteness caught me offguard, psycho boy.”

Aaron’s face went beet red. He immediately laid down on the floor and throw his arms above his eyes, all without saying a word.

“What are you doing?”, Jon giggled, “Get up– wait, are you mad at me?”

“No…”, Aaron grunted.

“You are.”

“Am not!”

“Well, then get up and talk to me.”


Jon sighed. Typical drunk Aaron, like always. Alright then, it was time for the secret weapon to be drawn.

Jon creeped to Aaron and sat down next to him. “I guess you leave me no choice, babe.”

Then, Jon tickled him.

Aaron couldn’t defend himself against Jon’s surprise attack. He bursted out laughing and so did Jon. Aaron had always been so ticklish, Jon knew this very well and always used it against him. But when Jon was about to go for his waist, Aaron swiftly grabbed his wrist and pulled him down. Their faces were only inches away as they were flaring hot and heavy breaths at each other.

“You’re right, Mr. Chairman.”, Aaron admitted while locking his dreamy eyes with Jon, “I was mad at you for making me look like a fool. So, tell me, how are you gonna make up for that?”

God, Jon could swear that drunk Aaron was definitely the hottest version of him.

Aaron smirked and raised his head to whispered in Jon’s ear. “How about you begging me back?”

Then, he reached for the back of Jon’s head and pulled him down. Their face met and Aaron pressed his lips to Jon’s. Mhmm, someone had been having apple martini, Jon thought. 

They slowly pulled away. But shortly after that, Aaron gripped Jon’s collar and yanked his head down again. This time, he gently bit Jon’s lip a little and he let out a startled noise. Aaron chuckled, still rocking his lips agaisnt Jon’s. But then he suddenly stopped and pushed Jon away.

“Hey… what…?”, Jon asked as he gave him a puzzling look.

“As I said, you have to beg for it, Jonny.”, he stood up. “And I’m kinda hungry at the moment, don’t you think?”

So this was how it went. 

‘Well-played Aaron, well-played. But I can stil outsmart you, honey.’, Jon thought to himself. “Of course, Mr. Reeds. Right this way, please.”, he grinned and walked into the kitchen with Aaron.

(to be continued)