Heroverse AU oneshot #1: A nightmare

Aaron was jolted awake by a deafening thunder-clap.

He panted and tried to catch his breath, as if air was being drained away from his lungs. His bare torso was covered in sweats.

Aaron turned to his side; Jon was stirring: the loud thunderbolt must have awoken him as well.

“Aaron?”, inquired Jon with his sluggish voice, “What’s wrong?”

Aaron gave him a terrifying look, tears were about to escape his eyes. Without warning, he spreaded out and wrapped his arms around Jon.

Jon could sense that Aaron was not okay at all. He just reached out and then kindly stroked Aaron’s hair. It was his personal remedy since it always helped calm him down. Plus, Jon loved stroking his chestnut hair; it had always been so soft and fuzzy.

“You’re here, you’re here, you’re here,…”, Aaron quietly reassured himself, still not releasing Jon from his grasp.

Jon was quiet, he knew the best thing to do was to let him be. He gently peppered kisses on Aaron’s neck.

Aaron seemed to have quiet down a little. Jon patiently waited for his panic to subside and then unwrapped Aaron’s arms.

“Hey, is it about him again?”, he spoke up.

“Ye… Yes. I had… a psychic dream…”, replied Aaron, “A nightmare. It felt so real. He… he was there, he made me watch you being tortured before drawing his knife to your throat and sliced it open. I couldn’t move. I… I…”

A tear drop rolled down his face but he quickly hid it. Aaron had never wanted to become this helpless, especially in front of Jon. 

Jon sighed; poor Aaron, that incident had never stopped haunting him. It just kept getting worse as the days go by. He cupped his face and muttered: “Shh… I’m here now… He’s long gone, okay? He can’t harm us – or anyone else anymore. Hey, hey, look at me,” Jon held Aaron’s chin and tilted his head, “I’m alive and right here, in front of you. And I’m not going anywhere, alright?”

“Okay.” Aaron nodded and gave him a faint smile. Jon planted a light kiss on his cheek but Aaron swiftly pulled him in and firmly pressed his lips against Jon’s. He had never seen Aaron kissed him so passionately, it was as if every kiss they share was his last. Aaron slowly pulled away and whispered:

“I can’t lose you again. I just can’t.”

“And you won’t. I promise you.” Jon reassured.

Aaron nodded and sighed in relief. He lied down and held Jon closer to his chest.

“Let’s go back to sleep,”, proposed Aaron as he gently pecked Jon on the lips, “we’ve got hero duties tomorrow.”

“Sure, sure, psycho boy.”  Jon giggled.


“Yes, Aaron?”

“I love you.”

“And me, you. Goodnight.”


Aaron had drifted to a sounding sleep. Beside him, Jon slowly removed the bedsheet and creeped to the bedroom window. He lit a cigarette while still having his eyes on Aaron.

At that moment, Jon decided that he should not reveal to Aaron that the body was never found; not yet, especially during this vulnerable period.

He just hoped that it was only just an ordinary dream.


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